Air Cargo

When visibility and time sensitivity matter most.

Air Import Process

How We Do It

  • 01 Cargo Departs From Origin CR Express’ customer service team takes initiative by beginning to track the cargo for you until it reaches the terminal and becomes available.
  • 02 Cargo Is Available At Destination A CR Express driver will be dispatched with proper documents to recover the shipment from the airline to a warehouse / CFS. This recovery can be done planeside.
  • 03 Ground Handling/CFS Service If the cargo is nominated to our FIRMS code, HAW4, CR performs ground handling / CFS services to process the cargo and monitors customs clearance up until the cargo departs from our facility.
  • 04 Local/Nationwide Delivery After CR Express is able to release the cargo, a driver will be dispatched to transport the shipment to any destination point in the United States.

Air Export Process

How We Do It

  • 01 Loading Device Supply CR Express offers empty ULD pickup services as well as pallet supply for shippers/forwarders to build their shipments prior to being transferred to the airline.
  • 02 Air Export Transfer CR Express receives the export tender and uses its wide range of equipment to handle the transfer to the airline.
  • 03 Airport Delivery CR Express offers both warehouse dock and planeside delivery services, with tarmac access for all CR drivers.

The CR Express Way

Our goal is to provide a level of customer service that allows our customers a worry-free experience. With that in mind, we work to develop comprehensive service plans tailored to meet our customer’s specific needs

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